The Journey Continues...

Thoughts perturbed, feelings enchanted
Hanging between love and hate
Roaming on this chaotic land

Tripping and Falling,
   distant and stoic the hearts do grow
Repeating and Reenacting,
    as the fleeting reflections in crystal
At which place and moment,
    be there audience to the voiceless words
No end in sight...
Continues to drift...
Continues the journey...

~ Kin


思緒不能沉靜 情感不能清醒

跌跌撞撞 造就漸漸冷漠的心情
反反覆覆 如水晶裡飄忽的幻境
何地何時 無聲的字句有誰傾聽
無盡無止 尋覓的旅程繼續飄零

~ 建

© 2013 Kin Lau - July 22, 2024, 4:10 pm