Oro oro... Who am I?

If anyone has watched Ruruonin Kenshin, they would've known where "oro oro" comes from. Kenshin was a favorite character of mine and continues to be one of them. Despite his most revolting past, he came out with his ideals through out the story and strived best to achieve them. Idealism may not have a place in reality but we should still strive for it. Without ideals, we'll all be dirts on the ground, no?

I will not try too hard to describe myself here, as we are all ever changing entities and even ourselves may not understand ourselves. I do believe that we should strive to understand and improve ourselves by continuous self-evaluation and through self-discovery. As I've read somewhere, "If the only vision we have of ourselves comes from the social mirror, our view of ourselves is like the reflection in the crazy mirror room at the carnival." We will be all BUT ourselves.

Small profile:

A bit lazy like a pig, a bit impatient like a ram...
Color: Blue
Likes: Piano, singing, reading, scribbling, sleeping, eating, listening to good music, taking pictures, sunny day w/ breeze, good conversation, listening to people, dancing, anime, chinese/japanese/korean drama, adventures...
Dislikes: Smoky environment, disrespectful people, people who are always late, dis-organization
Sports: basketball, fencing, running, biking, snowboarding... I'd try just about everything

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