Game of Life: The Transcendence of Opposites

The problems in the modern world are multiplying at a rapid rate. But what if all of the problems together is not the problem? Social milieu, conventional knowledge, and daily life lock our attention on numbers and abstract thinking. We are increasingly unconscious of some important aspects of ourselves and reality. What if what we are overlooking is exactly what we need to live a proper life?

In Game of Life, Kin Lau examines disparate ideas from philosophy, psychology, and religions from both East and West that can engage the individual on a common path. The game of life is to be played in two modes. One mode is playing as a human, which is the mode we are exerting all of our time and effort. For a more complete and integrated way of living, human beings need to rediscover the other mode. The other mode is about our being, which involves understanding the nature of reality. It is time we become integrated individuals again by adding the being back into the game of life.

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